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Learning Grammar and English whitefawn_ 09/29/06
    Hello and a good day to you. I had been wanting to ask the right person this question for a very long time.
    So, here it goes. At a very young age my Father didn't believe in Education, so I went on my own at the age of sixteen, abandon by both Parents.

    Although, the little schooling I did have taught me so little in English and grammar, that
    Through out my life I have been put down for my English, out of viciousness by some people whom would make and poke fun. “It is not fun being me.”

    Well now, most of all the people I know, and also know what I have been through, and believe that I could write a novel. on my experience’s in life, that even with a bad childhood.

    "One could choose, the positive over the negative."

    "I believe not, because it has been firmly planted in my mind," that I can't do it."

    I did go back to school once in my forties and I and others in my English class room, were given a lesson to write our Legislators of how important Adult Education is "for those twenty one and under." That is a long story, because I had brought up to our Teachers that writing to our Government could save their Jobs, which they were loosing for budget cutting.

    From all in Michigan, I did get a reply from our President, that letter is in frame, hanging in the Halls in Alma College, and even our Governor back than ask me to give a speech at our Capital.

    My English Teacher wanted me to read from what she had chosen. I didn't. And I spoke from the heart, in front of an audience of over five hundred people. "Teachers and students," and Michigan had received sixty million dollars from the result of it.

    Do you think that at my age of “fifty three that "I could' start English all over again, and that it may be not to late?”

    I deeply appreciate your answer.
    Thank you. Joy.

    I would also like to reply' I have been reading your Site, and learning much from it. I would like to thank you for having a Site as that.

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1. There's an old saying that it's never too late to lear...
09/29/06 richturnerExcellent or Above Average Answer
2. Rich gave you an excellent answer. If you want to practice w...
09/30/06 CeeBee2Excellent or Above Average Answer
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