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SMC Router chxq99 11/15/02
    Dear Experts, Currently I am using a SMC Router to connect my home computers to the cable modem. A friend of mine told me that I don't have to install any firewall in individual computer because on one hand, the router comes with a firewall, and on the other hand, should a hacker attempt to attack my computers, he only attacks the router. Is this true? Thank you. Regards,

      Clarification/Follow-up by chxq99 on 11/15/02 4:12 pm:
      Dear Scott, Thank you very much for yours. Yes, the user manual did specify that the SMC Router has a built-in firewall. However, by the time of setting up, it only asked the user whether or not he wanted to start the firewall. But regardless which one I chose (yes or no), nothing happened. Is this normal? In addition, even though the firewall isn't on, is my IP address is still invisible? The reason why I am so concerned about the security system is because I do a lot of internet banking from time to time, and I have to make sure that no one can steal my information. Cheers,

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1. Yes it is. Most routers have a built in firewall (you would ...
11/15/02 ScottGemExcellent or Above Average Answer
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