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How would I go about making out a legal Ruckus 12/20/03
    living will? Without the interference of a lawyer.

      Clarification/Follow-up by voiceguy2000 on 12/20/03 8:28 pm:
      Are you talking about a durable power of attorney concerning healthcare? Or are you talking about using tools such as inter vivos trusts to dispose of your estate without probate?

      For the former, look at this site.

      Many states have statutory forms that are designed to be used by lay people without need of lawyer involvement.

      Clarification/Follow-up by Ruckus on 12/21/03 8:41 am:
      I am looking into willing out property/monies, etc in case something should happen to me. Not involving healthcare issues. Thanks

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1. As a starting point, I would suggest visiting the Nolo Press...
12/21/03 voiceguy2000Excellent or Above Average Answer
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