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as previous favour henriyaz 05/29/06
    Still cannot find any from your given website names:-(... Can you please help me if you can my dear teacher!
    "Thomas Bulfinch's greek myth ULYSSES & CIRCE- "summary" please. Because I cannot find them in website- they all have different versions & also different names:-(."

    Many thanks for your understanding and patience:-)

      Clarification/Follow-up by henriyaz on 05/29/06 10:01 am:
      No prob, my dear teacher & many thanks for your patience & kindness.
      Hoping to hear from you soon.

      Clarification/Follow-up by henriyaz on 05/31/06 7:11 am:
      txs & sorry 4 the pains...
      c u later!

Summary of Answers Received Answered On Answered By Average Rating
1. OK- I'll do my best, but try to be patient for a while. ...
05/29/06 curious98Excellent or Above Average Answer
2. Thomas Bulfinch’s Mythology about Ulysses could be summarize...
05/30/06 curious98Excellent or Above Average Answer
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