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greek myth help please! henriyaz 05/14/06
    May I know if you can please help me
    I cannot find the summary of
    Prometheus Brings Fire. It was retold by Thomas Bulfinch.
    shall be very grateful if you can please pass me the interesting information about it.

    Many thanks for your kind offer and understanding, my dear!

      Clarification/Follow-up by henriyaz on 05/18/06 7:33 am:
      please let me know if you can explain or make it clear to me me of the similar passage( I will send to you after your approval)- something like above.As I do not understand of the version which is too high for me to follow:-(
      Many thanks.

      Clarification/Follow-up by henriyaz on 05/19/06 3:46 pm:
      hi's the story..

      Prometheus was one of the Titans, a gigantic race, who inhabited the
      earth before the creation of man. To him and his brother Epimetheus
      was committed the office of making man, and providing him and all
      other animals with the faculties necessary for their preservation.
      Epimetheus undertook to do this, and Prometheus was to overlook his
      work, when it was done. Epimetheus accordingly proceeded to bestow
      upon the different animals the various gifts of courage, strength,
      swiftness, sagacity; wings to one, claws to another, a shelly covering
      to a third, etc. But when man came to be provided for, who was to be
      superior to all other animals, Epimetheus had been so prodigal of his
      resources that he had nothing left to bestow upon him.

      In his perplexity he resorted to his brother Prometheus, who, with the
      aid of Minerva (Athena), went up to heaven, and lighted his torch at
      the chariot of the sun. and brought down fire to man. With this gift
      man was more than a match for all other animals. It enabled him to
      make weapons wherewith to subdue them; tools with which to cultivate
      the earth; to warm his dwelling, so as to be comparatively independent
      of climate; and finally to introduce the arts and to coin money, the
      means of trade and commerce.

      Prometheus has been a favourite subject with the poets. He is
      represented as the friend of mankind, who interposed in their behalf
      when Jove was incensed against them, and who taught them civilization
      and the arts. But as, in so doing, he transgressed the will of
      Jupiter, he drew down on himself the anger of the ruler of gods and
      men. Jupiter had him chained to a rock on Mount Caucasus, where a
      vulture preyed on his liver, which was renewed as fast as devoured.
      This state of torment might have been brought to an end at any time by
      Prometheus, if he had been willing, to submit to his oppressor; for he
      possessed a secret which involved the stability of Jove's throne, and
      if he would have revealed it, he might have been at once taken into
      But that he disdained to do. He has therefore become the symbol of
      magnanimous endurance of unmerited suffering, and strength of will
      resisting oppression.

      But It's quite confusing as this was taken & reduced from the given

      many txs... Hope you shall brief in simple & easy to follow. many txs

      Clarification/Follow-up by henriyaz on 05/22/06 5:54 am:
      hi..again-this is not homework.
      But It's quite confusing as I do not understand of the version which is too high for me to follow:-(
      txs alot

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1. Here is something interesting.. i hope it helps http://www....
05/18/06 MasterZeusExcellent or Above Average Answer
2. Sure, send it to me whenever you can....
05/19/06 MasterZeusExcellent or Above Average Answer
3. What is it that you want from this story? I do not see a qu...
05/22/06 MasterZeusAbove Average Answer
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