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illegal search Fr_Chuck 11/03/02
    recently our officers noticed a set of three small "houses" or huts built out of pallets, cardboard, tarps and other scrap material. These huts were on a wooded hillside between two highways. You could not really see them from either road, and we heard about them from one of our informants. This property is owned by the either the state or the city as a right of way. Our officers approached this area, got the residents out of these huts and searched the huts. In the process of doing so they found different material ranging from drugs to property from several entering autos. Thier public defender ( who for once is actually trying hard) ** must be a new attorney. But he is filing a motion to have this dismissed because our officers did not have a search warrant to search thier "homes" even though they were illegal huts built on property owned by either the city or state. Does anyone have any references on this type of rulings ??

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1. Well, although I'm on the side of the homeless camped the...
11/27/02 AliMcJAbove Average Answer
2. i have no official rulings, but it would seem that prope...
03/01/03 STONYExcellent or Above Average Answer
3. A person must have "rightful ownership" of a home or a...
08/09/03 LifeProfessorBad/Wrong Answer
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