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Basic car insurance question jpollardsmith 12/17/07

    I live in Nevada and I have a relatively small income. I've never owned a car, I just have rented cars periodically.

    Something that upset me the last time I rented a compact car was an insurance issue.

    I paid for the car with a VISA credit card, like I have always done, but this time the Thrifty teller said that I need to have liability insurance and my VISA insurance
    doesn't cover liability. Then she proceeded to sign me up for the $20/day liability coverage.

    So to compensate for the extra charge, I had to change my plans and what I was going to do,...

    I guess the 10-20 times I've rented cars in the past, I never had liability insurance; but it didn't matter because I never hit anyone.

    Would you say that I need liability insurance with a VISA-purchased rent-a-car?

    And if so, is there a cheaper way to have it than $20/day?

    Thank you,


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1. Hello jpollardsmith, I've rented a lot of cars and it is...
01/24/08 powderpuffExcellent or Above Average Answer
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