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Driving Record jusgre 07/24/03
    For how long can my poor driving record continue to affect my insurance rates?

    I have heard the number, years" thrown around. If this is the correct number, is this five years from the last infraction, five years from the last suspension start date, five years from the last suspension end date, five years from when all points were erased by the state, or some other number altogether?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

      Clarification/Follow-up by jusgre on 07/25/03 1:01 am:
      Thank you, Bennie. Given your answer, this tells me I have a while to go before insuring myself is feasible again. As a follow-up to this, my girlfriend has this question:

      "My boyfriend has been without a vehicle for a long time because of a
      suspension. He wants to start driving again soon, but can't afford his
      insurance rates.

      I have a second junker vehicle that I use for emergencies and am
      considering the idea of him paying me to insure it and letting him
      drive it when he needs it. We do not live together, so his name would
      not be on my policy.

      My impression was always that I can give permission for anyone I like
      to drive my car(s). Does this change if he is driving it often? ...once
      a week? ...twice a week? ...every day?

      What happens to claims/coverage if he has an accident while driving my
      vehicle? Worse yet, can I be accused of insurance fraud and be fined or

      Thanks again in advance, Bennie.

Summary of Answers Received Answered On Answered By Average Rating
1. Hi Jusgre, A lot depends on the Insurance Laws in your state...
07/24/03 Bennie719Excellent or Above Average Answer
2. Jusgre; In Texas where I live the question is asked about t...
07/25/03 johndExcellent or Above Average Answer
3. Hi, First question! Does he presently have a drivers licen...
07/25/03 Bennie719Excellent or Above Average Answer
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