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insurance question DTHEMAN 05/20/03
    Hello Bennie
    What options does AAA offer to those of us who need more than 4 tow truck service calls a year?

    Thank you.

      Clarification/Follow-up by DTHEMAN on 05/23/03 7:38 pm:
      Hello Bennie,
      Thank you for your answer. I called AAA earlier to inquire about what options I have after I used up my 4 service calls. I was told I could use someone else's card, but not the option of being billed. I called back and was told I would be billed $53 for each additional call.

      I wonder what your knowledge is on the possibility of signing up with another company that provides Emergency Road Service. I'm not sure another company would let me sign up with them if I'm a member of AAA Emergency Road Service already.

      my auto broke down again and so now I only have 2 calls left.

      Thank you again for your help.

      Clarification/Follow-up by DTHEMAN on 05/27/03 10:32 pm:
      Hello Bennie,
      Thank you for your help. Glad you had a nice and exciting weekend with your grandsons.

      I have a question regarding your suggestion. Are you familiar with The National Auto Club? I found their website at which is located in Foster City, California. Is this the club you are referring to? They offere 6 service calls a year for $48 (plus one-time enrollment of $15). I wish I new they were reliable.

      Thank you so much.

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1. Hi DTHEMAN, You may continue to use the card beyond 4 calls ...
05/20/03 Bennie719Excellent or Above Average Answer
2. Hi DTHEMAN, The service center was misinformed about there b...
05/27/03 Bennie719Excellent or Above Average Answer
3. Hi DTHEMAN, Yes, you found the club that I mentioned. I can...
05/27/03 Bennie719Excellent or Above Average Answer
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