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how male anda female are equal in rights? irfan 06/30/07
    on what reason Human rights authorities claim that male and female are equal in rights while we do not have a certain definition of what is "Equal" itself having certain defferences between male and female being proved by all sciences?
    two defferent things can be equal in some specific value like two defferent elements can be equal in weight even then they are not same.
    if one claims equality of male and female then we need to know in what value they are equal and even if they are equal in some specific value they are not same because sameness is meant by no defference. now, on what bases female rights are claimed to be same as male rights?

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1. well.....,Irfan, the basis is humanity or mankind or specie...
07/01/07 OldstillwildNo rating received!
2. To say that men and women should be accorded equal rights is...
07/03/07 Jim.McGinnessNo rating received!
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