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Darfur Ccl471 06/03/07
    There is a non-profit organization that sends relief to the world's poorest countries. I send financial support to this organization on a regular basis. A couple of months ago I sent a special gift in response to their campaign to send relief to Darfur.

    Is there anything else I can do to help with the humanitarian crisis there? Is there any organization I can send money to that doesn't so much send food relief there, but can make a difference there in terms of trying to bring an end to the crisis? Perhaps a U.N. fund?

    Many thanks,


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1. I can tell you who not to send to ;the 'Save Darfur Coali...
06/03/07 tomder55Excellent or Above Average Answer
2. BE very careful about sending things to nations under Socia...
06/03/07 kkemperExcellent or Above Average Answer
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