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Violating a Citizen's Civil Rights Ccl471 03/29/07
    Did you see the movie "The Firm" starring Tom Cruise(released in 1993, I think)? In the movie FBI agent Wayne Terrence told Cruise's character(Mitchell McDeere):

    "I'm a federal agent. That means your life is mine. You've got no rights. I can knock your teeth down your throat and yank 'em out of your *ss and I'm not even violating your civil rights!"

    That doesn't sound right. I mean, this is America, right? Can a federal agent really assault a citizen that severely and that doesn't even count as him violating the citizen's civil rights?

    Many thanks,


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1. not legally . the movie is a fiction and the author's bia...
06/03/07 tomder55Excellent or Above Average Answer
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