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Gift Ideas cookie 11/21/02
    Hey All: At the office party this year we're playing a game for the annual gift exchange. We're having a yankee swap where you end up fighting for the gifts (Thanks Dougee!). We're supposed to bring a $15 gift (I won't mind spending more). Any ideas? The age range is 24 to low 50's. We have none drinkers, beer drinkers, wine and the harder stuff drinkers. Totally different personalities. If I can't think of anything I can always make a tray of homemade goodies, but heck, they get those from me throughout the year, so it wouldn't be anything special. Hellllpppppp! Thanks, Jo

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1. Hiya! Well, as it's a Yankee swap, why not go with the Y...
12/02/02 maryteExcellent or Above Average Answer
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