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Old Style Vs New Petesharky 07/07/04
    When I was a kid there were 2 legendary Tattooist here on long Island Stanley and Walter. They owned S&W tattoo in Amityville and were there for over 50 years I think. Finally age had slowed them down and they had to move out. They did tattoos and sold supplies.

    While the old style artists pale by comparison to the guys of today who are incredible. I am very proud when someone says to me "Hey that's Stanley from S&W's work isn't it." I am proud to have been tattooed by these 2 guys. For a couple of years people said how they sucked and they weren't so good but actually they were 2 of the best on long island in their day. They lasted for years.

    I love the new styles but most of these so called artists as they call themselves today are premadonna's and I tend to keep away from someone who is well known because they are way over priced and so damned busy that they don't want to commit to a 5 or 6 hour job in one day because they got greedy. They want to start you this week and finish up in 3 weeks when the outline is heeled. But you pay upfront. No thank you. I have found a Russian guy who is phenominal and he did one piece on my leg a valkerie and she is stunning. I have a similar piece from another guy named Garret who became too famous for NY and moved down to New Orleans. Unfortionatly.

    So come on in lets talk tattoos. Ne1 out there HELLO

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