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Hello everyone if there is anyone here. Petesharky 05/15/04
    OK I just joined this board and wanted to introduce myself. I got my first tattoo 16 years ago when I was 17 and since then I have been hooked. It's a funny story so I'll bore you with it.

    It was Friday and I was supposed to work that day and go to school also but somehow I got the notion that I wanted a Tattoo. So I cut school, no big deal I was probably going to do that anyway, went to work got my check and cashed it at the courtesy desk (I worked in a supermarket deli) Called the girl at the desk from a pay phone and told her I was sick in bed. Yes this was the same girl who just cashed my check. I think she still works there. Anyway, Then I got on the bus and went to the tattoo parlor. For those too young that is what they called a tattoo studio back then. Got there 4 hours early so I hung out and waited. They didn't open until 3 back then some sort of a law, or maybe the guy needed to recover from the night before and slept late. Finally the guy opens. So here I am skinny little me inside with Joe Pagan, looking to get a tattoo. What do I pick out a Grim Reaper. Cool the guy tells me 120 cash up front and I pay him. Now I realize I don't know what he's gonna do to me. I wait like a half hour and finally he's ready. I walk into the room and first I notice a large Rotweiler sitting in the corner, then the double barrel shot gun sitting next to him. To make things worse Joe says to me "So your a Virgin HUH." he kind of explained the process "What ever you do don't move, long lines hurt like hell and that was pretty much it." so I go through it and it wasn't that bad. Now my problem starts. What I didn't mention was that I picked my right arm on purpose because my father sits in the chair just on the left of the door when you walk in. So I figure I can just walk in quickly and head straight for my room and no one will know. I had no clue there was going to be a bandage on my arm. Gee Maybe all that blood would have been a hint. So I get home after walking 6 miles because I didn't have enough money to take the bus back because I spent it all. Now I have to go inside. I walk in and just as I hit the hallway my mother says" Peter aren't you going to eat?" (I'm Italian)She walks out of the kitchen sees the bandage and of course assumes I cut my arm at work because I am a natural born Klutz and says " What Happened to your arm?" Now I could lie and say I got cut but for some reason I didn't think my father would accept the fact that the hospital 1. didn't call them and 2. sent me home with a paper towel and masking tape as a bandage. Well needless to say I caught hell. Not only from my parents but my brothers were all pissed at me because I had the stones to go out and get one without asking my father who told them "No" and they never got one.

    That night everyone wanted to see it. So I was hanging out in the bar 17 years old now mind you and legal age was 21 back then like now. Actually I was one of the older kids in there. One of my friends says "Where'd you get it?" So I said "That place in east meadow, on Hempstead tpke." To which he replies "you mean one eye Joe?" That's the guys name. Do I need to explain why. LOL LOL Anyway guess where I was the next Friday. You guessed it back at one eye Joes getting my second one. Another reaper on the other arm, this one happens to have a #13 on it so of course everytime someone sees it the ask "What's the 13 for." Well back in the day biker terminology 13 stood for the 13th letter in the alphabet, the letter M, which stood for marijuana, so for years people kept asking me what the 13 was for and I explained the whole story. Until I got sick of it and started say it stand for inches, which usually shot's them up pretty quick now. Needless to say I am hooked on these things now although my taste has changed a lot. But everyone always told me "In 10 years you'll want them removed, well it's 16 years now and I couldn't see myself without them. Even the one I let a friend do that I to this day I don't know what I was thinking. I asked on guy what he thought I could use to cover it and he told me my shirt. That was Mike Perferratto from Brooklyn he was pretty popular when it was illegal to get a tattoo in NYC He had a whole studio in his basement and opened at 5pm. I got there at 3pm and didn't get in the chair until 4am. But it was worth the wait.

    Hope you enjoyed the story and it makes you laugh, wanna laugh even harder just remember it's true. I have the pictures to prove it.

      Clarification/Follow-up by Petesharky on 05/16/04 5:31 am:
      Ok Lets see where do I start. My fisrts one is a grim reaper on my right arm.
      On my right shoulder I have a Cobra coiled around 2 skulls. Then below that the infamous Grim Reaper that was my first one on the bicep. On the back ofthe bicep I have a half man half horse. On the inside of my right forearm just below the elbow I have a very colorful clown that looks like Steven Kings It, on the outside of the forearm I have an old style Japanese Tiger on a dagger, and below the clown Eagle wrapped around a skull with my name on it. Incase I ever forget.

      Left Arm At the top I have a Tribal design with a skull, The other reaper with the 13 below that on the outside ob the bicep and on the back I have another tribal design that looks like a scorpion or a Y. on my inside forearm I have a Japanese Dragon on the inside and an old style eagle on the outside that says Airborne at the top and U.S. Army on the bottom in script lettering.

      On my back I have hmmm wait let me look I forgot. A Rose on the left shoulder and an eagle in flight on the right shoulder, and below the rose I have beauty and the beast.

      Left calf I have a custom Viking bust with a African Tribal design around it, and on the right I have a custom Valkirie with a Viking type tribal design around it.

      OH I forgot I also have an M tattooed on mt left and right cheek (the lower one's) and when I bend over it says MOM anmnd when I stand on my head it says WOW. LOL just kidding as you know by now I have a sick sense of humor.

      Clarification/Follow-up by Uni-Agdistis on 05/16/04 9:09 am:
      WOW .... you do have quite a collection.

      What is it with men and dragons and tribal designs? LOL!

      What does the Beauty and the Beast look like?

      No arm bands like all are wearing now a days? LOL!
      Some of them are beautiful but have seen a few that are not so nice.

      Rick's bull is so impressively done it really looks great, and he knows it LOL!! All his best buddies, 5 childhood friends who grew up here at our home along with their parent's home also have, more or less, the same type of tattoos.

      Each has his own profession / business and lead very busy lives but they get together 4 times a year to fish and scuba dive either in the FLa Keys or in Bimini. They look like a mini tribe of Celtic. warriors...LOL!!

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1. LOL!!!!!!!! That IS funny Pete, Ever since I studied ancien...
05/15/04 Uni-AgdistisExcellent or Above Average Answer
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