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What's in a name .... a rose by any other name .... Uni-Agdistis 07/24/03
    Name: Loren Cybele

    PC Name: Cybele

    Uni-Adgistis: ancient version of the name Cybele

    Any of these names will do fine, but for privacy's sake, I prefer Cybele.


      Clarification/Follow-up by JeffreyBryson on 08/14/03 5:08 pm:
      LC, I'm just now remembering that you hoped to continue talking. I noticed that you were away for a while- seemingly longer than a week, and I also have recently been a bit scarce here. But, here I am again . . . and remembering this tiny exchange. :)

      Clarification/Follow-up by Uni-Agdistis on 08/14/03 5:13 pm:
      Greets Jeff,

      Yes, I was away for 10 days on a an excursion euphemistically called a ‘family vacation’, which turned out to be a revelation in more ways than one. Returned last Saturday and have been recovering ever since! LOL!

      Being a bit scarce also applies to me, have so many things to do when recovering from a the agony and the ecstasy of family vacations.



      Clarification/Follow-up by Petesharky on 05/15/04 9:28 pm:
      Uni is that you? On the body Art board? Wow do we have somethings to talk about now. Cool

      Clarification/Follow-up by Uni-Agdistis on 05/15/04 10:20 pm:
      Yup Pete, this is definitely me on this board talking to Jeff about his tattoos....and the source of my screen name. ;-D Don't tell me you have body art... what and wehre?

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1. Aha! I have a confession (and I trust you'll understand)...
07/25/03 JeffreyBrysonExcellent or Above Average Answer
2. Hmm. Well, of course, you have me a bit curious about the a...
08/14/03 JeffreyBrysonExcellent or Above Average Answer
3. Hi Uni You will read about it in a moment I am about to subm...
05/15/04 PetesharkyExcellent or Above Average Answer
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