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Are medium's a good idea? Anonymous 07/03/03
    Lost my soul mate / best friend tragically a year and a half ago. I am, "getting on with it", but greiving never ends, does it? I was wondering if it's a good idea to maybe go to a medium. I dunno if they're real.. though I would love to believe it, I also don't want my deepest emotions being toyed with. Any suggestions?

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1. Being a religious person, I personally don't believe in t...
07/03/03 LauraExcellent or Above Average Answer
2. Dear One, Iím very sorry for your loss. However, I donít ...
07/04/03 queenofwandsExcellent or Above Average Answer
3. Hello: I am so sorry for your loss. Greiving is a process w...
07/05/03 bal317Above Average Answer
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