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Is the problem with the child or with the parent? Anonymous 01/20/04
    There is a little girl who's mother says talks with alot of sexually explicit words as well as using many foul cuss words. Such as the slangs for male and female private parts, and using the F word often. That the child tries to do sexual things to other children. That the child tries to touch the private parts of both adult men as well as boys. Yet, no other family member, teacher or anyone else has ever seen this type of behavior in this child. The mother's reason for this is because she sais that the child is only "herself" around the mother. What do you think about this? Thank you.

Summary of Answers Received Answered On Answered By Average Rating
1. Hello: I would encourage the Mother to run not walk and tak...
01/20/04 bal317Excellent or Above Average Answer
2. If the mother talks that way herself, then it's understan...
01/21/04 purplewingsExcellent or Above Average Answer
3. The mother should be made to immediately take bal317's ad...
01/21/04 ethical_reasonExcellent or Above Average Answer
4. children "learn" such behaviour if they dont hear it t...
03/10/04 revdauphineeNo rating received!
5. The mother is crazy....
07/15/05 katiyExcellent or Above Average Answer
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