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Reminder for Ronnie peddler2 08/21/07

    Seems you have forgotten that Joseph Smith was a convicted and self confessed con man who admitting using the same stones he used to translate the Book of Mormon to cheat people out of money. Kind of like reminding scientologist that Hubbard said if you want to get rich start a religion it usually falls on deaf ears.

    On March 20, 1826, Joseph Smith, Jr. was brought before the justice of the peace in Bainbridge, New York. On court records he is referred to as "Joseph Smith the Glass looker." The charge: disturbing the peace.

    Glass lookers were not uncommon in New York farm country in the 1820's. They were shysters and con men who claimed that by looking into a piece of glass (or sometimes a special stone) they could see things others could not, including the locations of buried treasure. They would then charge poor farmers for this service to aid them in finding these great treasures supposedly buried beneath the ground. Of course none of these "treasures" were ever found.

    By 1826 Joseph Smith had developed a reputation as a glass looker (also known as a money digger). Smith used a seer stone rather than a piece of glass. He would place the seer stone into a stovepipe hat which he would then cover with his face. By peering at the stone while in the hat he could see things which were far removed from him, even buried under the ground.

    Early in 1826 a man by the name of Josiah Stowell had come to Smith to hire him for his money digging abilities. Stowell believed that there was a treasure buried on his land, left by Spaniards long ago. With Smith's great powers Stowell would be able to find the great Spanish treasure.

    For a month Smith worked on the Stowell farm, but nothing was ever found. Stowell himself never doubted Smith's abilities, but many of those close to Stowell felt the old man was being taken for a ride by Smith and brought him up on charges.

    Arad Stowell, Josiah's son, testified that he had personally tested Joseph Smith's abilities and saw clearly that it was nothing but a con job. With his testimony and that of two other men involved with Josiah Stowell, Joseph Smith was found guilty of disturbing the peace.

    To those who belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints this episode in the life of their founder and first Prophet has been a very embarrassing one that they have fought very hard to deny. The danger lies not just in the fact that Smith was a convicted con man prior to his creation of the Church, but that the details of his confidence trickery are so similar to those of the story of Joseph Smith finding and translating the golden plates which would become the Book of Mormon.

    Sometime between 1823 and 1827 Joseph Smith claimed to have received a vision that there were ancient golden plates buried somewhere on his land. He used the same money digging techniques he had used for Stowell to attempt to find the plates, without success. Other money diggers in the area began to pick up on the story and started coming and looking for the golden plates themselves. Finally, on September 22, 1827, Smith announced that the angel Moroni had given him a vision which lead him directly to the plates.
    According to Emma Smith, Joseph's wife, David Whitmer (one of the Three Witnesses to the Book of Mormon) and many others, the process used by Joseph Smith in translating the Book of Mormon was the exact same as that which he used in money digging.

    While translating Smith did not even have the golden plates in front of him. He used the seer stone, once again placed in his stovepipe hat. He would gaze into the hat, wherein he would see the plates in their hidden location now translated from the "Reformed Egyptian" in which they were originally written.

    Because of this similarity between the finding and translation of the golden plates and Joseph Smith's money digging ventures, Mormons have tried to deny the truth of his 1826 trial. Documents found in the archives of the court in Bainbridge in 1971, however, verified that Smith indeed was brought to trial as a glass looker and was convicted for his crime.

    The Arrest Records of Joseph Smith from 1826 to 1830 are Rediscovered and Given to the Mormon Church.
    “Joseph Smith's Arrest Record Surfaces In New York” excerpt:
    …``It is not a small thing. These are important papers to a major religion,'' she said. ``It's a piece of the historical puzzle that was missing for nearly 35 years.'' …

    … The documents include arrest warrants, court transcripts and legal bills from four separate charges filed against Smith. Storms said the cases involved Smith's involvement in glass looking, or treasure seeking, and being a disorderly person. …

    …One of the documents includes a bill from then-South Bainbridge Justice Albert Neely to the county for services rendered. Included in the bill is a $2.68 charge for fees in examining the case of ``Joseph Smith, the glass looker.''
    This is from an article Sep. 16th, 2005. Source:

    From Wikipedia
    Under Smith's leadership & direction, the church's first temple was constructed in Kirtland. The work of building the Kirtland Temple was begun in 1833, and was completed by 1836. Around the time of its completion, many extraordinary events were reported: appearances by Jesus, Moses, Elijah, Elias, and numerous angels, speaking and singing in tongues, prophesying, and other spiritual experiences.

    My Bible does not mention Jesus coming back to visit a convicted con man.

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Mary_Susan 08/21/07
The New Testament is a con job, too....made up events, forgeries, creative editing and the worst of all, Saul a Jewish Pharisee, a man who wanted to make a huge name for himself in the ancient world by founding a new religion based on the teachings of a humble teacher.

That is why Jesus original peaceful teachings, almost Buddhist like, were smothered with Saul's(St. Paul)self-hate based teachings.

Joseph Smith and Saul the Pharisee had LOTS IN COMMON, having founded new religions.

Mary Sue

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