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Question Summary Asked By Asked On Answers
Can any one help me with good playing tips to... fayfnn 05/19/11 1
How to play piano in different types for diff... KarenBrandon 04/15/11 1
How to play Drums in various styles and skill... MikeKlenner 04/15/11 1
How to play bass, is it easy to master it? -... michelleturner 04/15/11 1
perfect pitch - Is it possible to develop per... bluebags 06/24/10 0
Any really talented musicians here? - I ask b... ken123 03/05/07 0
Best Friends - I understand, some of the peop... katiy 04/10/06 2
drum cymbals: ride, crash, etc. - What are th... pete4187 12/14/05 1
What is an average price - for a starter/basi... Vixen 05/20/04 2
Online Guitar Lessons - I am purchasing my fi... ken123 04/04/04 2
The Judds? - Anyone have the chords to the Ju... grayeagle_50 03/25/04 2
Writing Music - Whats the easiest way to writ... soccerstar 07/16/03 2
help please - How do you make smooth slides o... Navspert 07/13/03 2
Starting out.... - After first purchasing a g... soccerstar 07/11/03 3
Writing Songs - I am about to purchase my fir... soccerstar 03/11/03 3
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